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Although our most popular Programmes are The Web Workshop Series, we also provide special advanced Training & Mentoring Programmes on a one-to-one basis with Bruce Gibson and access to our extensive Resources. These Advanced Programmes take you to “The Next Level” and virtually assures you of Your Own Online Business being successful as you will have the backing of our expertise and resources, with on-going Support.

To participate in any of these unique Training opportunities, you will need to participate in The 3-Month Intensive (Complete Web Package), have completed all of the Web Workshop Series and shown competence while working online in your chosen niche and to be capable of doing what it takes to reach your potential.


1. Advanced Online Marketing: Become an Authority Online in Your Niche


Ever wanted To BE The Expert, an Authority in your chosen field? You want to extend your circle of influence, expand your online social marketing reach?

* Imagine what that would do for your income, your popularity and your long-term prosperity.

This specially designed programme is all about YOU and Your authority in Your Niche and how you can go from where you are at now – to “expert status” by using your Websites and advanced Internet Marketing techniques.

You will work individually with Bruce to develop your 1-Year Action Plan to catapult you from your current standing in your field and turn you into a self-branded Expert world-wide through the power of the Internet. With our direct support, you will develop a Network of your own branded Websites and extend your reach into an International Market.

In addition, Bruce & Team will help you to develop several “Information Products” of your own including eBooks, Audios, Videos, DVDs, Manuals and your Newsletter, Blogs and Podcasts! You will be shown everything you need to do to increase your status in your niche and to be seen as “The Go To Person” and significantly increase your success.

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2. Webmastery Training: Everything you need to run a Web Design Business

Budding Web Designer? You may feel you have the potential to be a good Web Designer and believe you could make a living doing Websites for others. Looking for Jobs in Web Design?

Would you like to be able to Setup, Create, Design and Develop Websites for people and small Businesses? But where do you start and how do you do it?

If you see this as your future, then there is no better way than to Join “The Webmaster’s Apprentice Programme” and work side-by-side with Bruce Gibson. This is a unique opportunity and we can only work with 2 Apprentices at a time, so vacancies are strictly limited – there will be a selection process to gain a position as a Webmaster’s Apprentice. On successful completion of the 3-Month Intensive Web Workshop Series – you may be selected to participate in The Webmastery Training.

The Training will cover everything you need to know to successfully run a Website Design Business of your own, but you will work alongside Bruce in your first 6 months, with on-going support as you take on your own Projects. You can then work on your own, develop your own clientelle or with any Web design company.

During this unique Training you will learn many varied Skills including: How to Design great Websites that sell, manage a Web Server, create & setup Domain Webspace, register Domain names, installing Scripts, setting up Databases, install WordPress CMS, customise Themes, use plugins for website functionality, editing HTML and CSS, Search Engine Optimisation, Graphics editing in Photoshop, working with your Customers, Marketing skills and Much More!

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3. Web Workshops Trainer / Licensee: Learn To Teach The Web Workshops

Are you impressed with the Web Workshops and would like to make it Your Business as well? For a strictly limited number of applicants, you can be Trained and Licensed to conduct the Web Workshops & Internet Foundations Courses and run it as your own Business (under our support).

You will have shown your capabilities while participating in The Web Workshops through your  understanding and grasp of all topics, and you will demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively with others in a small workshop group situation. Once selected, you will co-Train some workshops and web design Courses until you are ready to go it alone.

This is a great opportunity for people who have a passion for Web Business, are good communicators in small groups and who can see the awesome potential of working in this field.

Partnering with Us gives your Business leverage and association with Leaders in Website Courses. All Support and Resources will be supplied for both you and your own Workshop participants.


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