Web Workshops

Web Workshop 1

This 20 hour face-to-face workshop will provide participants with the Skills & Knowledge for you to start and develop Your Own Online Business. Now You really can put your ideas onto The WorldWide Web!

Our Goal is to Guide each person through a comprehensive understanding of how you can make extensive use of the Internet in the creation, development & marketing of your specific personal business idea/niche product.

You will be personally Trained by Bruce Gibson, a leading expert in Web Development & Smart Marketing and in  teaching ‘non-technical’ people how they can create an Online Business for themselves.


Turn Your Passion or Hobby Into An Online Business!

Step-by-step Tuition, personal guidance in creating your Website

Support / Help to setup and maintain a Website of Your Own

Use our Easy-to-use Content Management System (modified WordPress CMS)

How-to Design and layout your Web Pages, update pages any-time

The fast-track ways to get Listed on Google (and other search engines)


Cost: $750.

Introductory Price when you Book Now is $650 (50% deposit = $325)

If You have been desiring to increase your income through an Online Business, but were not sure How-To Get Started, We have the Course and Resources for you! This is a new type of Training and is designed to be ideal for those who want to get underway quickly.

More detail here….

A new Course is starting soon.  


Web Workshop 2


This is 2 Days to follow-on from the basis developed during the Web Workhsops 1. The 12 hour face-to-face workshop/tutorial will provide participants with the skills & knowledge to further develop their own Online Business. This is a dynamic and extremely informative Workshop and designed to show you how to GET RESULTS.

This is for people with existing Websites or had completed Web Workshops level 1 and is aimed to help you further improve and develop your Website:

  • including more extensive copywriting, more design skills and in effective use of Graphics and Videos.
  • Social Media, Facebook Pages and other media such as Twitter will be covered in detail
  • We will explore the use of a variety of Themes you can use the create different styles of Website.
  • You will Learn cutting-edge Internet marketing techniques for promoting your specific personal business idea/niche product.

Participants will also learn social market networking, list-building, blogging, newsletters, mobile marketing, website “monetisation” (to convert your site visitors into paying customers), search engine optimisation (SEO) and Information Product Marketing.

You are provided with the step-by-step tuition so you can expand Your Websites and use Internet and offline marketing to develop your Online business into a profitable recurring income.

Participation is as 2 x 6-hour classes in small groups of 6 – 10.

*Note: Day choices are determined according to need and availability, so please check with us for the next starting dates!

Cost: $475. Early Registration Price is $375


Advanced Programme Choice: You can also participate in our more comprehensive 3-month Training

(Web 1 & 2 are included in the Advanced Programmes)

Full Web Training Package   3-Month “Intensive” Online Business Development Coaching – details

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